Advanced Reporting

Training webinar

Daily reports and time cards: every superintendent, foreman and project manager knows what they are, but they also know that they are often just the beginning of managing a jobsite.

If you're comfortable with the basics, then we invite you to this free webinar on how to level up your construction field management with advanced reporting. We'll go over the Super Daily: the easiest way to automate your subcontractor daily reports, along with the Manpower and Summary report to give you a detailed breakdown of workers and progress on your sites. We'll show you exactly how to create a report on budgeted vs. actual hours using real data you're already collecting in Raken.

And the best part is that all of these advanced reporting options don't come with confusing new skills or settings: it's the same easy-to-use Raken you've always had, we'll just show you how you can quickly and easily get even more out of it.

Learn how to get a detailed breakdown of workers and progress on your sites

You'll learn more about:

Super Daily™ Reports
The easiest way to collect and manage subcontractor daily reports

Automatically gather construction daily reports from all your subcontractors in a hyperlinked, collated, branded report. We even send it on a schedule so you never have to worry about turning in reports again.

Weekly and Monthly Summaries
The big picture in field management

Designed to bring attention to the most important progress milestones on your construction site, weekly and monthly summaries are automatically emailed on a set schedule so everyone stays in the loop.

Construction Dashboards
Sync field and office

The Raken construction dashboard gathers critical construction project data from your sites throughout the day into a real-time newsfeed. With Raken's field management construction dashboard report, get notified of missed daily reports or safety incidents, dive into specific events for more details, or get a general overview of each project in the past activity feed.