How to Track Time on a Jobsite

Training webinar

One of the biggest pains for a foreman or superintendent is tracking hours for your crew. Whether it's chasing guys down bugging them to put in their hours or organizing time cards into a single spreadsheet only to have the payroll admin send it back because it's wrong, the overall time card process can be a massive headache, and that's not even addressing how rough it is for the payroll admins in the office who have to make sure that everyone is accounted for.

This webinar breaks down how you can take the pain out of that workflow, demonstrating how you can add workers, cost codes, and track hours for entire crews or individuals in the field right from your smartphone.

But a complete time card solution isn't just about what happens in the field: we'll also talk to the payroll administrators about how to update their time card settings for all projects at once and how to generate time card reports with just a click to make streamlining payroll a breeze.

Learn how you can easily track hours for entire crews

You'll learn more about:

Hours Worked
Stay on top of regular time, overtime, and double time hours

Keeping track of regular time, overtime, and double time hours used to be a hassle. With Raken, you can easily adjust the project settings to account for over and double time hours worked. Then, when hours worked are entered in a timecard, Raken puts them in the correct category so you don't have to.

Assignable Cost Codes
Keeping track of budgeted hours has never been easier

Raken provides the option to allocate hours to specific cost codes. By setting cost codes prior to the commencement of a project, keeping track of budgeted hours has never been easier. Instead of manually calculating the hours that have been worked in terms of time budgeted, Raken automatically does all the hard work - freeing up your time and minimizing error.

Rollover Hours
Save yourself the hassle of re-entering time card information

Rollover hours allow you to create new time card entries instantly. With the ability to carry over work logs from previous days, you can save yourself the hassle of re-entering time card information. Raken lets users duplicate a previous work log with the press of a button, avoiding having to create a whole new one containing the exact same information.