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Learn how to use Raken’s Construction Toolbox Talks!

Here’s a question for all the superintendents and foremen out there: How  long do you usually spend searching the internet for a toolbox talk to give at your next tailgate meeting? After one of those meetings, have you ever passed around the attendance sheet only to never be able to find it again, or discover that it didn’t make it to half the people that were actually there?

Here’s one for all the project and safety managers: Are you tired of emailing toolbox talks every week to all of your projects? Do tailgate meetings find you struggling to get all the attendee signatures scanned, collated, input into a system, and filed?

Raken Toolbox Talks were made to make the tailgate meeting workflow easier on superintendents, foremen, safety managers, and project managers so these important workflows and documents can be easily done, quickly organized, and always ready. With Raken Toolbox Talks you can bulk schedule talks for all your projects, capture signatures via the app or with a photo and browse a library of talks to save you time.

Learn how to use Raken’s Construction Toolbox Talk

You'll learn more about:

Pre-loaded topics

There are 100 toolbox talks pre-loaded into Raken's library, readily available when you need them. The talks range in subject matter, including chainsaw safety, pinch points, fall protection, plus a variety of other safety topics. These talks are all easy to select and schedule, and can be bulk-scheduled across multiple projects, so all tailgate meetings can be organized in advance.

Digital signature capture

During your safety meetings, you can simply pass your phone or device around for attendees to sign in. If you have a physical sign-in sheet, you can take a photo of it after the toolbox talk is completed, and upload it to Raken. Either way, everyone's attendance will be recorded in one place and will be easily searchable in case of any future disputes.

Reader mode

With the option to view files in reader mode, you can easily read through toolbox talks without having to constantly zoom in to your device. When you switch to reader mode from the original PDF view, the text is optimized to your screen size, so you can smoothly read and scroll while presenting to your crews. No more clipboards, no more losing your place.