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Training webinar

If you're new to Raken, or new to the general idea of what makes a truly great daily report stand out from the crumpled pieces of paper or Excel spreadsheets you might have seen before, this webinar takes you through the entire process step-by-step.

Learn how easy it is to create a work log, add a photo, complete a survey, roll-over duplicate entries and share the reports with a single tap once you're done. This webinar covers how daily reports are completed in the field as well as how easy it is to set up in the office, including how to add projects, workers, customize daily reports and more.

This webinar works great as an introduction to digital construction field management as well as a refresher course for the more experienced superintendent, foreman, or project manager. 

Learn the basic functions of Raken

You'll learn more about:

Work Logs
It all starts here

Work logs allow you to capture the most important details of what was accomplished during work hours that day. Quickly and easily record which subcontractors and crews were on the jobsite that day, the number of laborers each team had, the hours they all worked, and a description of what was completed to provide a clear, concise report for the office.

Photos and Attachments
Jobsite photos and videos in seconds

Take photos and video within the app as you walk the jobsite and automatically add them to your daily construction report. Add documents and project files right from your mobile device with Raken's construction photo management feature. Raken organizes your attachments by date and project, then syncs them across devices and teams.

Notes, Issues, and Concerns
Overcome roadblocks faster

If there are any issues or concerns that you want to include in your daily report, you can add a note that describes the problem and what you have done or will do to address it. Documenting problematic situations as they come up not only helps you overcome roadblocks faster, but also helps for accountability if problems arise in the future.